All About Apple Stem Cell Serum

We all know about the skinChemists Big Guns- products that now have a cult status, that we’ve gone on, and on (and on) about here on the blog. Guilty as charged. Wrinkle Killer, Bee Venom, I’m looking at you. They’re the Mean Girls of our range. We know you’re hot- now it’s time to share the limelight. Let’s get to know the less hyped-up products in our ranges. I’m talking about the proverbial unsung heroes of skinChemists in today’s blog instalment- I’m thinking of Wild Caviar, Apple Stem Cell, Lightning. All have very separate and distinct functions from other products in our ranges, and we think they need more love! First up- let’s shed some light on our Apple Stem Cell Serum…

The origin of our first unsung hero is really quite the story. Mystery, discovery, intrigue- this one’s got it all. It all started when a group of Swiss Scientists noticed that an otherwise unremarkable and bitter variety of apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber, stayed fresh, green and crisp long after other varieties had perished. Some research later, it was discovered that the Uttwiler Spatlauber’s stem cells held extraordinary longevity (much longer than human skin cells’). The scientists burrowed town to apply the science to skincare with astounding results - just 0.1 % of the PhytoCellTec (apple stem cell extract) can proliferate human stem cells by an incredible 80%!

Science spiel over- the synthetic apple extract in our serum increases the skin’s ability to heal itself and combats environmental damage. Fast-forward on to skinChemists- we’ve plugged this technology into our lightweight serum formula. It’s light, it’s hydrating, it’s plumping, it’s cooling- and it’s working to repair all the evidence of late nights and city living. It’s especially lovely for the summer, when hydrating and plumping is still a priority, but heavy creams are a bit much. What’s not to love? Next week, we bring you the story behind Wild Caviar and how we’re harnessing it’s powers for all the good of skincare!