Blogger first impressions: Caviar Collection

We asked the fabulous @BeccaPBeauty for her first impressions of our Caviar Collection and this is what she thought:

In terms of the Caviar serum, I love the texture of this and I find it works great for me as part of my evening skincare routine. A little definitely goes a long way and I find one pump will go all over the face, especially as I then use my eye cream. I’ve found it’s better for me to only use this at night as it makes me oily throughout the day when wearing the cream and makeup. 

The Caviar eye cream is also a great gel texture that I find soothes the eyes, leaving a cool feeling before going to bed. I’ve found it’s kept my eyes moisturised and they’re usually pretty sensitive but I’ve found this hasn’t provoked them at all which is great. 

The Caviar day cream is probably my favourite out of them all. It’s a great base for makeup and keeps my skin fresh throughout the day. I find it moisturises without making me oily and in turn, makeup goes really well over it. I’ve had a couple of breakouts but that’s always expected when trying new products. I’m interested in how my skin will go on after using them for the full skin renewal cycle of six months.

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