Our Salon Pro Essentials

Our Eye Serum is not a marmite product. It’s not a love or hate thing. In fact, I’d hazard to say that I’ve not yet met anyone who, having tried our Salon Pro Eye Serum, wasn’t a total fan. Sounds like a big claim, but when you’re dinky in a cute blue bottle, have a little rollerball to deposit the perfect amount of serum to the eye area in a way that’s so cooling, and you hydrate that well, it’s really no wonder.

We have a couple of other products like this in our line- products that absolutely everyone can use (younger, older, all skin types- that just so happen to be from our Salon Pro range)- so, I’ve put together my idea of the perfect product lineup for skin that’s feeling the change in the weather right now. A super simple routine with products that are nourishing, easy on the acids, and above all, soothing for skin that needs a little extra TLC.

First up, our Hot Cloth Cleanser. Massage on to dry skin (on top of your makeup!), wring out a hot washcloth and wipe away the product. Repeat. Easy peasy and super effective. Next, our Salon Pro Eye Serum. Simple and effective- it will sort out any dryness, and completely revitalise your eyes. For the final step, get your skin moisturised with our Hand and Face Moisturiser. SkinChemists pretty much has the ‘light moisturiser, packed with active ingredients’ category down (Bee Venom Duo Moisuriser, Vitamin Moisturiser I’m looking at you), but our Hand And Face Option is a brilliant go to if you want a comforting, slightly thicker option. It will sort out any dryness and restore smoothness to your skin. Done and Done.

Skin taken care of, it’s time to enjoy the long weekend! Who’s at a festival, or heading over to Notting Hill Carnival this weekend?