The hunt for the perfect serum

Everyone keeps raving about facial serums but in the world of serums galore - what is it and how do we use it?

Serums are my absolute favourite skincare product because they are supercharged liquid that have active ingredients that will target skin concerns like aging, repair, pollution and more. They are light weight, easily absorbed oil or water based liquids that penetrate fast into the skin. Serums will instantly improve the appearance of the skin, as they are fast acting and help to plump the skin immediately.

But when do you use a serum?

Apply your saviour serum after cleansing your face and before your moisturiser. The reason for this is because the serum works on the deepest layers of your skin and your moisturiser works on the outer layers creating a barrier preventing any dehydration and maintaining the skin's water balance.

My favourite serum is Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum+ as it leaves my skin glowing and hydrated after - I can really tell that my skin is plumped up with Vitamin E after using it!