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Maybe you can relate: it’s the evening, you’re tired, you’ve been out all day and you have no idea how many pollutants your face is now covered in. Or maybe you’ve been wearing a full face of makeup all day. The last thing you want to do is get up and rinse your face, splashing away all of your natural oils with it. Our Advanced Brightening Micellar Water makes this whole process easy, all whilst providing the skin with essential nutrients it needs!

Think of micellar water as a product that exists somewhere between a cleanser and a makeup remover. It can be used to replace your daily cleanser, however, if you’re using micellar water to take off your makeup and cleanse, it’s always a good idea to double cleanse with a second swipe of micellar after all of your makeup is removed, to make sure your skin is squeaky clean. Infused with hydrating ingredients, this micellar water uses the power of Summer Damask Rose Water to maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels. Using this micellar water will also help to regulate the PH balance, tone and soften the epidermis to leave the skin looking more radiant. The Crodarom Mint Water we use in this formulation is a natural plant extract that helps to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals and is also rich in antioxidants that help to provide the skin with extra nutrients for a plumper, more supple complexion. We also use Allantoin to not only protect the skin but to also provide soothing and anti-irritating properties that make this micellar water suitable to even sensitive skin.

Our Advanced Brightening Micellar Water is infused with Vitamins B2 and C and mild surfactants (compounds that break down oils), which group together to form tiny little balls of things called micelles. These little spheres attract all the makeup, excess sebum and daily grime on the surface of your skin - like a magnet - leaving it clean and refreshed. The surfactants used in most cleansers are too harsh to leave in contact with the skin, but the surfactants used our micellar water are gentle enough that it’s okay if a few stay behind, along with all of the beneficial ingredients that are in the micellar liquid.

So, why not try this no-fuss water cleanser, perfect to pop into your bag whilst traveling, or easy enough to pull from your bathroom cabinet. To use it, simply pour a bit of micellar water onto a cotton pad, and gently sweep away makeup or any impurities. You can follow it up with a second swipe for a deeper cleaning, or you can simply finish off with our Advanced Brightening Toner of toner and some Advanced Brightening Moisturiser.

Try it for the first time for £9.99 with code MICELLAR