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Article: Blogger review: Caviar Collection by Belle's Secret

Blogger review: Caviar Collection by Belle's Secret
Blog Post

Blogger review: Caviar Collection by Belle's Secret

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We asked beauty blogger Constantina from Belle's Secret to review our Caviar Collection, she decided to test them out 2 weeks before her wedding and was very impressed by the results! Read on here:

A couple of months ago I was sent some products from skinchemists caviar range to try (thanks for the trust @skinchemists) In general I do love their products and I purchase them often! 

I was a bit sceptical about stopping the products I was using (my serums were Skin Chemists; surprise, surprise!) and replace them with new ones two weeks prior to my wedding but I gave it a go just because I trust the brand! I was sooo impressed! The wedding stress and lack of sleep made my skin break out and this range was able to calm it down as well as making my skin look and feel refreshed! Plus they smell gorgeous!!! A month after my wedding I am still using them and I am equally happy with them! All products contain sustainably sourced caviar!

So, let’s get into the details then:

Anti-Ageing Caviar Day Moisturiser

  • Contains caviar to prevent dullness and balance the skin
  • Alpine rose extract to restore skins resilience and
  • Powdered pearl to promote healthy collagen production for a smooth and glowing appearance 
  • Feels lightweight on the skin and the skin does not feel sticky 
  • Balances uneven skintone
  • Has an antioxidant activity
  • Leaves skin feeling silky smooth 
  • Has a beautiful fruity smell that calms and awakens me
  • There is so much product in the box would last me for 5 to 6 months

Anti-Ageing Caviar Facial Serum:

Everybody knows that serums do most of the work on the skin and this serum not only looks good (amazing packaging skinchemists) but also feels great on the skin. With constant twice a day use I have noticed my skin feeling smoother and have seen a drastic change and reduction in breakouts!

  • Contains Caviar Extract for firmness a appearance of the skin, and fine line reduction
  • Aloe Vera known for its soothing and moisturising effect
  • Seaweed Extract to boost hydration, tighten and provide an anti-oxidising solution 

Costs £49.99/30ml and will again last for at least 6 months

Anti-Ageing Caviar Eye Serum:

Eye serums are a must to tackle the eye puffiness dark circles and lines around the eye! I have been using the skinchemists eye serums for a year now so was really excited to try this one. Unlike other serums this one does not feel sticky or burn the eyes

  • Contains caviar extract and aloe vera 
  • Great addition to the day and night routine before the eye cream as it helped me with dark circles

Costs £39 and as above it will last for 6 months

Overall this range is one that I would definitely repurchase and keep using till it runs out! My favourite product of the range is the day moisture simply because of how smooth my skin feels after applying it!

Follow Constantina on Instagram or read her blog!

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