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Article: Beauty Chats | Made in Chelsea's Ashley James

Beauty Chats | Made in Chelsea's Ashley James
Blog Post

Beauty Chats | Made in Chelsea's Ashley James


Here at skinChemists we are BIG fans of Made in Chelsea- so you can imagine how excited we were to have a chat with MIC beauty Ashley James! Model, writer, TV presenter, reality TV star… the lovely Miss James is a woman of many talents. A self-confessed skincare addict and makeup maven, Ashley reveals her skinChemists picks, favourite make-up artist and even a cheeky girl crush…

What made you choose to include beauty in your writing?

I have always been obsessed with beauty products and I think it’s important to write about the things you are most interested in. What fascinates me is how many different brands, products and ingredients there are out there each claiming to make you more perfect. There’s so much to explore that I had to write about it.

Whose make-up artist would you borrow for life?

Well I always think Taylor Swift looks immaculate. I suppose I look at her because we have a similar complexion so it’s easy to relate to her, and I am also a big fan of her music. I actually really look up to a make up artist called Em J so if I could pay anyone to do my make up for red carpet events and shoots it would be her. I met her when she did my make up for a photoshoot - it was just amazing, she’s so talented.

In your opinion, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

Wow, tough one. I think women are so beautiful and so it would be hard to pick one person. I’m a big fan of natural beauty. Natalie Portman is beautiful. Christina Hendricks - although I’d describe her as being more sexy. Audrey Tautou, Zooey Deschanel, Freida Pinto, Isabel Lucas, Angelina Jolie (even though I’m team Jen!). I honestly couldn’t decide, but I do have the biggest girl crush on Kristen Stweart.

What are your top 4 make up items?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I am going to say Benefit Porefessional, because it gives my skin a flawless, smooth finish. Your very own under eye illuminator which I also use on the side of my nose, top of my lip, and chin. A blusher, any pinky blusher because my cheeks don’t have much natural colour so I feel very pasty without it. And a mascara - at the moment I am loving Collection Longer Lash Lengthening Mascara because it’s lengthening but doesn’t go too thick.

How important is skincare to you - what is your favourite part of your skincare routine?

It’s so important. I try to keep my body healthy on the inside and outside. I’ve always been particularly cautious in the sun and I think you can really tell against friends the same age who used to always have a tan - they’re skin looks much more aged. My favourite part of my skincare routine is probably washing my face in the morning, because it’s so refreshing. Or putting on the Skin Chemist Bee Venom moisturiser because it leaves a tingly sensation on my face.

What are your top 4 skincare products?

Eve Taylor balancing toner Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm Skin Chemists bee venom facial oil Skin Chemists bee venom moisturiser

What product would you LOVE to try?

I’m not sure about this question because I’ve tried a lot of weird things already, but looking at your website I’m fascinated by the Wild Caviar Facial Moisturiser - sounds indulgent! Plus I have faith that your products make a visible improvement.

Best thing you've ever tasted?

Wow, tough one. I love calf liver. Mackeral sashimi. Coconut water. Avocado. They’d have to be up in the top things for me. The best restaurant I’ve eaten at is the Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris Saint Germain.

Book that has changed your life?

I consider myself quite well read and I also write about books, so I am quite embarrassed of the book I am going to say… But Why Men Prefer Bitches. It’s not about playing games but just really makes you understand the way men think and has made me much stronger and more secure in relationships.

Tell us about what you're up to at the moment?

At the moment I am presenting for Clothes Show TV. I am the current face of St Bustier and Tutti Rouge, and I’ve just finished doing a big commercial for the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas which is going to be across network tv in America. I have co-founded a luxury postcode bangle company called Whistle & Bango. which celebrates my love for the city of London, and spend the rest of my time reading or writing.

Check out Ashley’s website HERE for lifestyle blogs, red carpet pics, beauty reviews and more!

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