Thursday Night Pamper Ready!

Thursday night pamper night- anyone with me?! Sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out-

Friday is the night of after-work drinks, end-of-week celebrations, date nights and general fun times- and while Pamper night on Friday should-be-party-night happens more than I care to admit, this Friday, I am determined to be out and about- this week, therefore, is all about the mid-week skin-treats. The aim of TNPN is twofold- treat skin concerns and renew softness in your limbs- but do it in a fast tracked way- leaving ample evening time for those new eps of Modern Family and that all important beauty sleep- ready for Friday Night adventures ;)

First up, the body. In the shower, slough away dead skin cells by scrubbing like a madwoman with exfoliating mitts (I tend to prefer the super sexy bobbled variety found in the aisles of Boots for under £5)- trust me, you’ll thank us for it later. Then, start off your mid week quickie facial with a good double cleanse. Removing makeup the first time, and cleansing pores the second, and both removed with a hot cloth- your face will benefit from the steam and the gentle removal of dead skin cells with this method. Next up- once out of the shower, I like to slather on the body moisturiser, don my PJs, and settle in for the real skin pampering.

I like to up the brightness levels in my skin by opting for an exfoliating mask containing AHAs. This will again nibble away at any dead skin- this method of exfoliation is very, very, gentle- I always experience a new softness, and brightness, in my skin, after using a mask like this. Left on for up to 15 minutes, and ‘hot cloth-ed’ off, it’s on to the next step of TNPM- a moisturising mask. Once smoothed on, this ends your skin session right here- use the mask as a supercharged moisturiser. A slick of eye cream, and you are done- your face newly balanced and moisturised for Friday morning.

Limbs taken care of, skin cleansed, polished, and brightenend, it’s time to get some ZZZs before your big Friday…

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