Hi Girls!

My name is Alex- I’m from Australia, way down South in Melbourne, and I’m new to the skinChemists team. Honestly, being in a beauty office might even be better than Queen Vic Market doughnuts- Melbournians, you know what I’m saying ;). I’m in skincare heaven!

We love the Royals back home- I remember watching the Royal Wedding at a friend’s 21st- there was a party on, but all we wanted to see was that dress. We have our priorities ;) We all know that Kate and Camilla are huge fans of Bee Venom, so I’ve gotta say I was so excited to work at the place that makes what the Daily Mail has called ‘the secret behind Kate’s glowing look’!

After hearing all about this mystical bee venom, the quasi-Scientific info I picked up from the interwebs before my training was that highly concentrated Bee Venom claims to trick the skin into repairing itself. Blood rushes to the surface of the skin, collagen production is boosted, and skin is hydrated and soothed. But how does it actually perform, what about skinChemists Bee Venom Serum?

When I first tried this oil I was really surprised- it’s very, very light. I’m not a huge fan of thick creams- I feel like they smother my skin- but treating myself to the silkiness of the serum, the gentleness and the way it sinks into my skin was a lovely way to relax of an evening. Having taken care of my skin in one step. I collapsed into bed, hoping that my dry patches and flakey bits would be taken care of come morning.

After watching Jim and Pam: Best Bits until 2am my thoroughly restful sleep, I rolled out of red, put the kettle on, and checked my face in the mirror. WOW. My face was SO bright. My face was moisturised and the product seemed to have absorbed evenly, my pores were definitely smaller and my blemishes diminished. In my personal opinion and all this blog is, I can see why Kate and Camilla love this stuff, and I can see why Bee Venom is so popular amongst bloggers- this stuff is brilliant.

Because the bee has such strong reparative and resurfacing qualities, and they are balanced with such high quality oils, it is a product that I think would be suitable for most skin types-whether you’re young, old, oily or dry, Bee is your friend and you need it in your life. My skin is plumped, bright and balanced after I use this; it’s a good skin guarantee for me now.

I use my Bee Venom Serum morning and night now, whenever I want to treat myself really. It’s my first step after cleansing, and I follow it up with whatever bevy of lotions and potions my skin wants that night. I’m trying a couple more products from skinChemists at the moment, too, so you’ll be seeing my reviews of those soon- perks of the job.

Much love,

Alex and Team sC xx