Wrinkle Killer- For 20something Skin?!

I have a new obsession. It’s called Wrinkle Killer.

At 23, one might think that lusting after a product targeted at ageing skin is a totally daft idea- but hear me out.

After years of stripping anti-acne products, late nights and sheer laziness in the skincare department (I know, I know *hangs head*)- my skin is looking a little, shall we say… lacklustre. My skin is constantly dehydrated (which shows itself in lines in my forehead and neck- how rude), I have little lines under my eyes that are a direct result of too little sleep and sheer laziness with eye creams, and I have expression lines forming around my mouth (already! * sob*). And while I might be being a little picky (nobody spends this long studying my face- not even my long suffering boyfriend), I know all these little problems are there, and I’m gonna try my darndest to fix them, dammit!

Enter Wrinkle Killer.

It’s billed as ‘a natural, non-invasive anti-wrinkle remedy, which aims to smooth your complexion, and create a youthful appearance’, and contains 4% Syn-ake, the highest concentration of the ingredient available on the market, and gentle exfoliants too. With a celebrity following from the likes of Jourdan Dunn and Jennifer Lopez, I was eager to get my greedy little mits on the serum!

It’s a light gel, which when applied cools and immediately tightens and brightens. I’ve been smoothing a pea sized amount onto cleansed skin morning and night (no sign of laziness here! You see what I do for you), - and boy have I been pleased. My makeup has been going on smoothly and easily, but the difference in my skin is what is really surprising- hydration has improved, guys, and I can now report that the lines around my mouth are officially smoother! Success.

Hydration, check. Exfoliation, check. Total skin rejuvenation, check. Wrinkle Killer, as it seems, is the lazy 20-something’s dream.  

Much love,

Alex at teamsC