Fairy Godmothers DO exist!

With it being wedding season, we all want to look our best. No doubt there will be a barrage of photos, awkward meet and greets and probably a reunion with family members that you’ve not seen for years.
We’ll put on our best make-up, spend hours on our hair and try to construct the perfect brow. (Sorry guys!)
But maybe we’ll still look in the mirror and think, “If only I could get rid of these lines”…
Well…you can!
You don’t even need to go under the knife or endure the pain of Botox!

Thanks to skinChemists Instant Face Lift Extreme, you can have a face lift for a day.
This miracle treatment is rich in Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, which aims to instantly tighten and lift the skin to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Now, I’ve always been dubious of “facelift” products. How do you know that they will really work? With the only real guarantee to getting rid of lines being Botox, could a cream really do the same? I always think it’s a hard judgment call to spend out a lot of money on a product with only pictures to go on for evidence.
skinChemists must have heard our concerns and so produced the below video to show the Instant Face Lift Extreme working.

WARNING: What you are about to watch is INCREDIBLE!

I know…Wow!

I think it helps to see something really working in real time (although time lapsed) just to show that it hasn’t been edited in any way. I love that you can see the lines around her mouth filling out and her appearance looks much smoother after 10 minutes.

I also came across this wonderful blog post by The Lavender Barn who reviewed some of the other products in the “Instant” range. Have a read Here.
Are you convinced?
Cinderella had a Fairy Godmother…now you can have one too!
Try it now for a very special price.