Pretty in pink

Rose Quartz Radiance Enhancing Eye Serum
Lift ~ Smooth ~ Illuminate
Like most girls, I love a bit of pink...(I'm even wearing pink trousers as I write this). So imagine my delight when I was given this little beauty to try by skinChemists. It's pink! Introducing the Rose Quartz Radiance Enhancing Eye Serum. Using the power of Rose Quartz, this eye serum not only looks gorgeous but it also aims to lift and smooth the eye area. (Never a bad thing!)
I was excited as soon as I saw the box: hot pink and embossed with silver lettering. Opening it up revealed a sleek glass container with a mirrored lid. Very contemporary and minimalist…and deceiving. Undoing the lid revealed a candy floss pink liquid! I had always thought of eye serums as being bland and transparent, but this one certainly wasn’t. The serum glistened from every angle thanks to its high concentration of light-reflective crystals, which aim to soften flaws and illuminates the under eye area.


The next thing I noticed was the smell. A rose scent hits you almost immediately. You’d be mistaken for thinking that you were sat in a rose garden!
I’ve always been a bit dubious about using skincare that’s got a colour or a scent, but this has certainly changed my mind.
Having only seen Rose Quartz at the Natural History Museum, I was surprised to learn that it makes a great addition to skincare. The Rose Quartz itself works to buff away dead skin cells leaving a rejuvenated appearance.
With the addition of Skin Tighten ST to provide an instant lifting affect and Vitamin C to aid the stimulation of collagen, the Rose Quartz Radiance Enhancing Eye Serum delivers both style AND substance.

The serum is easy to apply and doesn’t dry tacky like some that I have tried in the past. I suffer with dry and sensitive skin but this product has worked well with my skin. I also find that my under eye make-up lasts longer too! I’ve been using this serum day and night and my under eye area actually does look a lot brighter and healthier, so I will definitely continue to use it.
It’s nice to have some pretty skincare that actually works!

However, the eye serum is just the start!

skinChemists have added this product into a Rose Quartz Radiance kit which also includes a facial serum and a moisturiser...what more could you need? The Rose Quartz Brightening & Lifting Serum is an ultra light treatment designed to boost the skin and illuminate the complexion for a vibrant and healthy glow. This gorgeous product also has the Skin Tighten ST ingredient to provide the instant lifting effect.
The Rose Quartz Anti-Ageing Moisturiser works with your skin to soften floors and boost radiance and contains Coloursoft SMF - a powerful optical blurring agent, which works to instantly disguise fine lines and wrinkles by adding a velvety "soft focus" to the skin. (Who doesn't love abit of "soft focus"?)

You can get this kit here at a special offer price...You can thank me later!