It's All About That Base

When it comes to your makeup, it really is all about that base. Perfect makeup starts with perfect skin, and we all strive to be flawless and poreless. With thousands of cosmetic products out there that promise to glide over the skin, cutting age in half and tripling skin vitality it is difficult to know where to start. The key to all of this is your primer. Everybody is individual when it comes to skin needs – whether you have dry skin, oily skin, uneven tone or visible pores, there really isn’t anything that a good primer cannot improve.

Priming your skin gives your tinted moisturiser or foundation something to ground to, upping your makeup longevity even in the harshest of conditions. Not only this, your primer is designed to smooth over imperfections, hide pores and fill creases and fine lines, instantly giving a smoother, softer and plumper appearance before you have even selected your foundation. Your perfect primer should give you the Photoshop experience, and skinChemists has two that really turn up the soft focus on your skin! For skin that is prone to uneven tone and imperfections, the skinChemists Studio Finish Primer is the answer to your prayers.

Loaded with Aloe Vera Leaf extract, it cools and soothes the skin, reducing puffiness and reviving tired or stressed skin. Also containing silicone, the Studio Finish Primer glides over pores, creases and fine lines smoothing them away in the process, giving a soft and velvety look and a much more even skin tone.   Though you can apply with a makeup brush, optimum results are achieved by applying with the fingertips, massaging your skin as you go, boosting blood circulation and giving your skin an extra dose of vitality. Simply smooth over the whole face, under the eyes and over the mouth and lips. Use voucher code PERFECTSTUDIO to get yours now for only £19.99! (Normal rrp £71.00) For mature skin, the skinChemists Nano Perfect is the holy grail of facial primers.

Packed with skinChemists favourite active ingredient – Gransil DMCM-5 – it is ALL about the soft focus. This clever little ingredient mattifies as it is applied, smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth, taking 10 years off your complexion! Halosphere N boosts an even complexion, reducing redness and scars, while Crambe Oil works as an aesthetic enhancer for a flawless finish while nourishing the skin.   The innovative Nano Perfect also has anti-aging properties, for long term effects on the skin.   Use on its own on clean, dry skin, or follow with your usual makeup routine, the results will be immaculate! You can even top up on top of your makeup by dabbing over any visible imperfections for an extra injection of youth and vitality. Be sure to concentrate on those problem areas! Use voucher code PERFECTNANO to get yours now for only £24.99! (Normal rrp £115.00)   It’s time to prime!