Finishing | Touches

Today we have decided to talk through the finishing touches of your face: the icing on the cake if you will. Of course, you will have no doubt have already primed and prepped and based your face, and now we talk through the end stages. First of all, the absolute revolution that is Nano Perfect. Nano is one of the products that our ladies (and men) absolutely adore. It is ultimately brilliant, definitely original and ingenious: applied over liquid foundation, but under powder, to give a mattified, polished look to the skin, whilst also helping to extend wear time.

Next up: powder. I love to powder. Powder to me is classy, timeless, but also necessary due to my oily skin: I powder my entire face, but if yours isn't oily, only powder the areas where shine breaks through so that the skin still possesses a healthy sheen. My top recommendation here is the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder and the Ben Nye Banana Powder - both do different jobs, so it depends how you wish your skin to look. The Ben Nye that makes you look slightly more healthy and golden as opposed to sallow, whereas the Vichy blends you into a lovely soft-focus. Both are extremely finely-milled, and will suit more or less all skin tones. Last of all - lips, and the perfect opportunity to use our renowned Lip Plump. Our lip plump is wonderful because it gives instant gratification - within minuted of applying, lips look healthier, plump and feel more nourished.

We really hope you found our finishing touches guide useful =)

Much Love, the sC Team x