skinChemists Picks | November

As we are heading into the realm of December, with thoughts of Advent Calendars and the festive season quite literally around the corner, we thought we'd recap on a few of our favourite things from the month of November. Of course, the run up to Christmas is a busy period, and the skinChemists offices have been no exception to this rule! We've been surviving on a lot of coffee, a lot of soup and some porridge with the occasional Hummingbird or Krispy Kreme treat (we're a little food obsessed in this office!).

Blogger of the Month:

Petra Bryant is stunning. I met her at the Big Talent Group Live Gems where she was wearing the most beautiful dress known to man - long, sequinned, low at the back with a bow! Just stunning, and a wonderful actress. Plus, I adore the name of her blog: Girl on a Rocking Horse just conjures up wonderful images of a wonderful land! Her posts are hugely varied - from beauty, to food, to events, she literally spans the entire blog world! I, myself, am looking forward to her upcoming novel - I am sure it will be as fabulous as the lady and her sequinned dresses!

skinChemists Product of the month:

It is actually very, very difficult to choose a favourite from the skinChemists office this month, so I am doing away with convention and picking three! First up, the Bee Venom Facial Serum - a wonderful multitasker: it helps to repair and regenerate the skin, thereby helping with pigmentation and signs of ageing. It also smells beautifully tropical - a wonderful pick-me-up for these dark winter mornings! Then onto the Studio Finish Primer, not only loved by us, by make up artists at This Morning and Sky, including Heidi Scarlett King and Tinks Reding Moore. It really helps to provide a wonderfully smooth base for your make up, and according to the make up artists, looks good on HD TV and requires less powder touch-ups, so a good all-rounder! Last of all, our hands are becoming hugely battered by this ridiculous cold that we are experiencing, even with gloves on, so boy are we glad that we have our very own Wild Caviar Hand Moisturiser on hand (no pun intended). Thick, luxurious, but not at all greasy, the Wild Caviar Hand Moisturiser contains Wild Caviar, Fish Rose and Seaweed it is very nourishing and just makes you feel like you've had a real treat!

Cosmetics Product of the month:

Our very own "Ask Rachael" is a huge fan of Revlon's Photoready Foundation this month. In her own words, it is "not too heavy, a little goes a long way, and their are a wide choice of shades." It lasts all day on her combination skin, and I have been watching her closely, and have seen she rarely touches up! Cosmetic product of the month for myself has to be the Mii Mineral Irresistible Face Base. I've never actually been a mineral foundation fan, a few brands I tried have actually left my skin looking really old and dated, but Mii has restored the faith. A tiny bit goes a long way with the old swirl, tap, buff adage, and covers surprisingly well, lasting most of the day on my oily skin. Our Italian Federica is a little in love with Maybelline's Express Finish Nail Polish in Crimson - a perfect berry for winter.

Boy's Corner:

Of course, we have boys (or men) in the office, and I have kindly decided to lend them this corner for their picks of the month. First up we have shoes! Apparently Clarks Active Air Shoes are wonderfully comfortable, feel like a trainer, but are smart enough for work says Amine. You heard it here first! Next up we have the Apple Magic Mouse. Magic you say? Indeed. Mindo (head of design) says "it's more than a mouse." In fact, he decided he had to show me. Now, I am not a techie kinda girl, but even I have been pretty impressed. In short, it is as if a touch screen had been placed on a mouse: all features of a normal mouse - right-click, left-click, scroll - plus many more, are made redundant in place of certain touch commands that control your PC. A little bit of magic everyday! And lastly, our French man, Hedi and his Basketball shoes - Li-ning trainers - comfortable and perfect for basketball!

And that is all we have for you this month! We hope you liked a peek into our month, and we'll be back verrrry soon with all kinds of Christmas-themed articles!

Much love, Team sC x