Our Guide to The Eye Serums…

A few weeks ago we brought you ‘The Wrinkle Killer Rundown’, in which we told you all about the members of the ‘Wrinkle Killer Family’ - their ingredients, their similarities, their differences, and their uses- because we all know it can be a tad bit confusing round here at skinChemists. It’s been exciting times here at skinChemists HQ- we’ve been bringing out a lot of lovely new products- we’ve added serums, we’ve added cleansers, heck, we’ve added whole new ranges (I’m looking at you, Retinol) – so here in the office we thought it high time to bring you a second instalment in our Product Rundown series- this time focusing on eye serums. We’re gonna demystify the eye serums in our range- compare their active ingredients and who they are best for. Pen in hand loves- you’re about to meet your eyes’ perfect match!

Bee Venom eye serum What it does: depuffs, hydrates and heals Active ingredients: bee venom, hyaluronic acid Best for:

tired eyes Our Bee Eye Serum can be used by anyone- the healing properties of the Bee Venom and the hydrating qualities of the hyaluronic make this a pretty universally peachy pick. It’s an effective treatment for eyebags, and hydrating enough to be a quick all-in-one, it’s a great one for the morningtime too.

Salon Professional eye serum What it does: deeply moisturises Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid Best for: dehydrated eyes Our simplest eye treatment focuses soley on hydration- it’s a thin, but effective formula to restore dry undereyes to their former dewy glory. Tip- this is a great one to layer with other eye serums; apply a small amount of the Salon Pro, and then layer up with more targeted offerings.

Retinol eye serum What it does: resurfaces, anti-ages, tightens, brightens Active ingredients: vitamin A (retinol), hyaluronic acid, oat extract Best for: Mature skin An advanced little formula- this is chock full of retinol, hyaluronic acid and oat extract to really pull in baggy undereyes, whilst exfoliating for fresh, renewed skin. This is a really perfect serum to use day and night.

So, there we have it- our three eye serums all contain a decent dose of hyaluronic acid (in other words, they’re all gonna hydrate), and they all come with a rollerball (ie. Coooooling in the morning ;)

The lovely three do have different functions- one to hydrate, one to heal and depuff and one to resurface and brighten. You see-we’ve got you covered ;)    

UPDATE: We have a special offer going on our Salon Professional Eye Serum- it's discounted to just £19.99 until Friday, June 6- get in quick!!