The Rundown: Exfoliators

Here at skinChemists, we’re on a roll- we’re bringing out products at a rapid rate, from our dry skin saviours in Salon Professionals in late March to our resurfacing powerhouses over at the Retinol range in May, and yet more set for general release in the coming weeks (heads up- they’re good ‘uns- watch this space!). So…we’ll admit it, it’s getting a little daunting round these parts. Cue our Rundown series, in which I look at each product through a what it does/active ingredients/best for lens.

This week I have a two-parter for you- Part 1 accounting for the exfoliators in our ranges, and Part 2 looking at the makeup bases/skin perfectors among our wares. Take note! One exfoliator will be rather hugely discounted this week- take a look on to see if your preferred scrub is going down, down down…

Rapid Facial What it does: Exfoliates, purifies, imparts serious GLOW Active Ingredients: Glycolic acid, citric acid, kaolin clay Best For: All skin types Our dual action exfoliator seriously brings it. Chemical and physical exfoliation is DONE. Smooth a thick layer on and let those AHAs work their skin-refining magic (and have yourself a chemical exfoliation), gently rub off when dry to dispose of those dead skin cells, and get your physical exfoliation on. You’ll find your skin glowing and healthy, and even toned. Although suitable even for sensitive skins, it’s an effective treatment, so use wisely- twice a week tops. Also, it’s completely brilliant before a night out to guarantee a good skin day. It’s one of my personal favourites if not the one from all of skinChemists’ offerings. (shh- don’t tell Bee Venom!)

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator What it does: Gently exfoliates, soothes Active ingredients: Volcanic pumice, microscrub, allantoin, aloe vera Best for: All skin types Our most traditional exfoliating scrub is not as scary as its name implies- it’s a soothing scrub to be massaged into just cleansed skin. It will scrub out impurities, remove dead skin cells and renew your skin. Skin is softened, calm, and more receptive to skincare to follow. Gentle enough to be used every couple of days, as a supplement to your regular skincare routine. Two very different products this week- one resurfacing treatment, and one option to slough off the dead skin debris as an add-on to your skin care regulars. Next up- Nano Perfect and Studio Finish Primer. Who’s excited?!