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Caviar Nutrition Night Care Kit

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SC Caviar Nutrition Eye Serum
Size: 15ml

Key ingredients:
Green Caviar Extract-
High amino acid content to improve skin elasticity.

Glycerin –
A great humectant, provides moisturizing qualities to the skin.

Matrikine Peptide 6 –
Helping reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Product Description:
Our Skin Chemists Caviar Nutrition Serum aims to promote anti-oxidant protection and works its magic by increasing hydration and retention levels of the skin. This concentrated serum is infused with Green Caviar and Matrikine Peptide 6 which is known to deeply moisturise, improves the skin’s elasticity, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our age-defying facial serum aims to strengthen the skin’s barrier function while healing the skin. This lightweight textured serum absorbs into the skin easily and should be used every morning and evening after cleansed skin.
Unlock your most youthful complexion while you sleep with the power of Green Caviar extract, designed to help combat signs of ageing. This algae was researched by Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan, where it was concluded “algae extract combats skin ageing” and helps reduce pigmentation and microbes on the skin. Green caviar extract is packed with antioxidants, proteins and vitamins, and elements like iron, magnesium and calcium. These work to combat fine lines, improving elasticity and balance the complexion. We’ve added Coconut Oil to this intelligent formulation; extracted from the fruit of the coconut tree, it's rich in fatty acids and proteins which nourish the skin. Containing lauric acid, it can also combat blemishes due to the way the acid reduces inflammation and bacteria. A touch of Glycerin helps the skin to retain moisture and aids in protection from environmental damage so that you can wake up to radiant, younger looking skin!
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