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Collagen Time Reversing Night Moisturiser 50ml

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Our Collagen Time Reversing Night Moisturiser is designed to work at night, when the skin is most receptive to repair, keeping the skin hydrated and nourished whilst still working to combat the signs of ageing as you sleep.

Key ingredients:
1) Marine collagen amino acids aim to hydrate the skin, working to prevent water loss and improve the suppleness of the skin.
2) Lupin seed – is an active ingredient that is aims to stimulate the production of high quality collagen in skin. It aims to plump and firm the look of the skin.
4) Vitamin E is high in antioxidants that aim to protect the skin from free radical stress, it also smoothen and hydrates the skin.
4) Vitamin C aims to boost the skin brightness, smooth uneven skin tone and protect from environmental stress.
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