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Pro-5 Collagen Age Defy Kit

Sale price£160.00 GBP

This facial serum works hard all day and night to plump, hydrate and renew the skin. Plant-derived Collagen helps to even the skin tone and increase elasticity, Marine Amino Acids enhance suppleness and bounce in the skin, while Antipollution Complex protects against environmental aggressors which can visibly age our appearance.
This device is served as a gentle and advanced treatment for your skin care. Fully waterproof with 12 strengths, the advanced face brush comes with ultra-soft and antibacterial silicone bristles, which are accepted by all kinds of skin, from normal to sensitive. The top-rated brush head works well in removing all traces of dirt, oil, makeup residue effectively, bringing rosy glow to your face. The ideal skincare device is rechargeable, making it easy to carry.


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